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A few things....

2010-03-06 03:39:47 by Kbobossa

Ok so i have few things on my mind right now... first off i decided that im going to start to post my thoughts in these posts of what i want to do for future songs and also about newgrounds and what not. But first i just want to say that i hate my username... Kbobossa? what was i thinking when i used that as my username? it sounds so stupid haha. Also Ive been listening to my song Techno Wreckage and i got an idea for a beat. And im going to work on adding that beat to the song tomorrow. And last but not least Ive been listening to a bunch of songs on newgrounds and watching that little video transition thing and ive decided that i really like the badger one. And the angry face. Those are both cool :) Well its almost 3am here ive been working on a new track. Hopefully i will be able to post it up soon. But for now im going to float a terd down a river and call it sally.

Peace Out- Sound Obvious

Oh also... if you are interested in these random posts just check back every now and then cause im going to be doing this alot

I just barely posted my songs and people are zero bombing it! I understand that they want their songs to be popular and all but they dont have to be dicks and make it so other peoples songs that they put hard work into arent heard! This is really pissing me off. Its selfish, its mean, and its unethical. If you want your songs to be popular how about you make better songs cause yours probably suck if your a zero bomber. And if you dont even make songs and your zero bombing than your just a plain doosh bag. Peace out -Sound Obvious

First news post

2010-01-27 23:20:56 by Kbobossa

Hey guys, i just made an account and im going to start posting music i made on newgrounds. I just started making music not too long ago so im kind of a noob. Also my artist name is Sound Obvious i wanted to have that be my username but for some reason it wouldnt let me.